Entry door locks play a vital role in our overall home or business security. Having the best, strongest quality entry door locks provides a higher security level to the things we value.

Quality entry door locks will go along to prevent your family and properties from crimes. So a high-quality entry door lock is a must to any serious renter, homeowner, and property manager. However, it is important to understand that most criminals will always attack the weakest part of your security system.

Seek assistance from a locksmith expert when choosing entry door locks

Even if you plan to install the lock yourself, seek advice from a reliable locksmith professional on the best entry door locks. A locksmith has broad experience and knowledge of different entry door locks and can advise you on which ones are most secure within your budget.

Below are the selected best entry door locks. These locks will protect your valuables and loved ones from intruders and burglars at all times.

  1. Yale Real Living

Yale Real Living entry door lock is one of the most recommended entry door locks on the market today. It has exceptional quality and unique attributes suited to provide every home, business, or office owner ultimate security. This lock is available in both key-less and keyed models and is a real nightmare to any burglar.

  1. August smart lock

August smart lock is another high-quality entry door lock that will provide the needed maximum security. It is a smart lock and cannot be lock picked using lock picking tools. This is because it does not have a keyway. You can actually discreetly pair this smart entry door lock with other devices in your home or office.

  1. Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense is another top-rated entry door lock that made it to the list. It is a solid, smart lock. It contains Z-Wave enabled compatibility that can enable you to pair the lock with other smart devices you own on your premises. Additionally, this smart lock has a built-in alarm system. The alarm can even go off if someone tries to tamper with it and you will get notified even remotely using your smartphone.

  1. Kwikset 980

Kwikset 980 is a single-cylinder deadbolt. This lock system contains bells and whistles expected from a top pick. It is strong, high-quality, and cannot easily be lock picked by burglars using common break-in techniques. It is kick-in resistant, drill resistant as well as saw resistant. These features alone are enough to keep away burglars from your living space.

  1. Segal SE 15361

Segal SE 15361 is another tough entry door lock. It has incredible features that will protect you, your loved ones, and your property from the modern tech-savvy burglar. This lock features an all-bronze construction, thus making it extremely strong and durable. In addition, its jimmy-proof design is amazing, and it will stop even the most skillful intruder from gaining access to your premises.

  1. Defender Security U 9970 Deadlock

Get this type of lock system, and you will always have peace of mind all the time, whether during the day or night. It provides a top-rated security layer to your security system. This entry door lock also features a die-cast construction, and therefore it cannot be lock picked or drilled. Additionally, its price is budget-friendly.

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