A master key system is designed to provide access to multiple door locks.

What You Need to Know about The Master Key System

The system can be designed for a commercial building, or for residential units. Experts also advise managers of commercial buildings to consider master keying as a simple security solution.

In addition, using a master key comes with many advantages. Keep reading to find out why it is a more reliable, convenient and safe solution for commercial and residential settings.

But before we come to discuss the advantages. It is important that we look at how it is designed and how it works. By the end of this article, you will understand the different levels that apply to these systems.

How the Master Key System Works

The master key system can be grouped into different components. They follow a general hierarchy, starting from the sub-master systems, and going all the way to the grand master key level.

Furthermore, sub-master keys are designed to be used on a particular kind of door. On the other hand, a grand master key is designed to open multiple master lock-type systems throughout an entire business premise. Therefore, if you want to open multiple doors for multiple buildings in your business or apartment complex with just a single key, you will want to order a grand master key.

How will you benefit from using these systems? Let us now shift our attention from how master keying works to the advantages of designing master keys.

Here are the top benefits of investing in Master Key Systems.

  1. Enjoy One-for-All Convenience

With a master key system, you do not have to carry a bunch of keys around. All you’ll need is one key that can access all the doors. The grand master key can also be used for multiple doors on different premises.

The grand master key will allow access to multiple locks and hence, multiple rooms. This is a high-tech convenience provided by just one small package.

  1. A High Level of Security

On top of being convenient, you will be able to create different levels of security for your commercial premises using a master key. However, this does not mean that the owner will find it difficult trying to access multiple rooms.

On the contrary, your property will be more secure because you will not have to manage a bunch of different keys, which is inconvenient and sometimes difficult to handle. Especially when you have multiple responsibilities.

With a master key system, you just need to worry about one grand master key, and that’s it.

  1. Affordable and Easy to Make

Modern key cutting and lock design technology has made master keying much easier. It is not as expensive as it used to be with older generation locks. Therefore, homeowners and commercial business owners can easily afford a locksmith for grand master keying.

The grand master key-making process is also shortened thanks to technology. Hiring an experienced and equipped locksmith for master keying makes it more convenient and saves time.

Hassle- Free

Ultimately, a master key system is a hassle-free process and provides great convenience to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. To order a master key for your commercial building or residential unit, contact onCall Locksmith Los Angeles.